I would like to get some layers cut into my hair, is dry or wet cut better?

2 Answers

Find a place that has experience cutting curly hair, and ask your stylist. Perhaps some would have preferences, what they've gotten better results with in the past.I get mine cut wet, it's easier for her to see/make the layers. But sometimes I get a few unruly ringlets that day after day must hang lower than the rest of my hair, so I just trim where necessary... that's the beauty of curly hair. Especially when you don't straighten it. But if I need to have it done nice for an event, I go get it recut so it's all nice and layered evenly, and that would be done when the hair is already straight. I'm 20 and I've had my hairdresser since I was 5ish, so she's learned so cut my hair as it has gotten curlier. She doesn't have many other clients with hair as curly as mine, and I'm not sure if it's here or there, but we basically don't have a black population at all (Vancouver suburb) so she doesn't even deal with those types of curls.That said, if it's dry, it would be a bit easier to see where the curls hang. I'm not a hairdresser tho.
Most hair hair stylist in my experience don't know how to cut curly hair or style for that matter. A few yrs back I moved and went to the hair salon in my new town. The stylist said she'd have to wash, dry and flat iron my hair straight. It was the best cut I've ever gotten. When cutting it straight and dry the can ensure even section is even etc. and give you abetted idea on length depending on what type of curls you have. I love this techinque and I've stayed with hair stylist for the Past 8 yrs now.