If I have heat damaged hair do I have to cut it short or will it go awamy hair grows?

I had s short hair cut a little while ago and had to straighten my hair often to make sure it didn't curl and go out of control, ever since my hair has been a lot straighter and it doesn't work with me well I'm trying to get my curls/waves back. I think I have heat damaged hair due to straightening it too much and just want to know if i'd have to cut my hair short or if it'll eventually go away as my hair grows and I get regular hair cuts. any tips would be greatly appreciated, and thanks ahead of time.

1 Answer

Unfortunately, once hair is damaged, it won't bounce back because hair is not living; so therefore there is no cell turnover. You need to stop the use of heat tools, moisturize, and do protein treatments regularly to prevent further damage. A big chop is really your best bet. If you're afraid, cut maybe half of the damage, let it grow a little more, and then cut the rest off. I don't recommend dragging out the cutting process too long though, because then your hair will look dry and damaged and uneven in texture for a longer period of time. I was terrified to do a big chop, but I am so happy I did! And once all of your hair is healthy, it will grow soooooo much faster! Trust me! Good Luck!!!