I'm planning to cut my hair but am I making the right decision?

It has been a year since I started wearing my natural hair. Starting out my hair was so full, my curls were bouncy and it was so so so healthy. About 4 months after that I cut my hair and I feel like everything went down hill after that. My hair texture is the still the same, my hair is no longer full, no curl definition, and there is alot of frizz. I'm scared to wear it down so I have been slicking it back in a ponytail. I've tried many different hair products, different routines, shampoo conditioner, everything! I cut my hair I think two more times, hoping that everything will go back to normal but it isn't working. Its uneven, it look's unhealthy and it's stressing me out. I am planning to cut my hair short at the end of this month because I feel like it will help it grow out healthy and it will become even. Am I making a good or bad decision? Will my hair texture change? If I am what would be some good styles and some tips. Thank you so much in advance.

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