Is it awful to bring my own products for the stylist to use when cutting my hair?

So after many failed attempts to find a new stylist after we moved, I FINALLY found one that does a great job and seems very knowledgable about curly hair. For my first appointment, I expressed my needs about avoiding products with sulfates and silicones and she seemed very receptive to that. She looked for a shampoo that didn't have sulfates and ended up using the one that I brought in from home. She ended up using other products (that I found out later had silicones), but she did such a great cut I let it go. I just got my hair cut again by her, and again she used the shampoo I brought from home, and even though I (as politely as I could!) reminded her about the no silicones thing, she still ended up using products that had silicones! She said "this is just a leave-in conditioner for curls" but then I looked it up when I got home and the 4th ingredient is dimethicone. :/Again, she did a great job with cutting my hair, and to me that's the most important thing. I just hate to have to wash and clarify my hair to get the silicones out after I get home. So my question is, would it be terribly rude to bring in both shampoo and conditioner from home and ask that she only use these on my hair and nothing else? I would hate to come across as disrespectful, but then again it is my hair and I'm paying her $40 plus tip. What would you guys do? Thanks in advance!

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At the end of the day you are the one who has to live with your hair, not your hairdresser. I think that is a great idea to bring your own products. People bring their own nail polish to the nail salon all the time and I am never afraid to be picky at a restaurant. Bottom line... if you are paying money for the service and feel more comfortable with your own products I say go for it! Plus if you are worried about offending her, just let her know you are super picky before the appointment and that you will be bringing your own products. 
Nope. Perfectly reasonable to bring your own!
Thanks so much for your input! I wonder if there are any stylists who are reading this that can add their opinion from a stylists' perspective?