What kind of haircut should I get?

My hair is really damaged so I decided I was going to start of by getting my first professional curly hair cut. I usually just trim my own hair so its going to be different for me. My hair has no layers and sits just past my shoulders when curly. btw I have 3b curls. I hope to get layers, but im not sure how short or long too get them and what will fit my face.. I have a kind of heart shaped face and im tall and skinny. I don't want my hair too short, im hoping for sitting at my shoulders.

1 Answer

I would recommend a curly angled bob. They definitely work on fuller faces, like a heart shape. It will be shorter for summer, while also getting rid of some damage. Stacked layers is something a curly stylist can do really well on dry hair. You could cut the back a little past the base of your head, and have it gradually get longer towards the front. It will allow you to keep some length while also keeping the back of your neck cool. Its also just a really interesting style, something with more flare than a few layers.