Layers or all one length?

So, I'm getting my hair cut in a few weeks. My hair is currently all one length, it's fine, and it's thin. The curls are from 2c-3b and lose their curl/get weighed down easily. I would like to have tighter, more defined curls. What should I ask for? Also, there is not a SINGLE curly hairstylist where I live! Ahh! How do I tell a stylist how to cut my hair??

2 Answers

I have fine 2c as well. I wouldn't have the curls I have if my hair were all one length so I vote for layers. It will let your curls spring up a bit. Make sure they don't slice your hair, razor cut your hair or texturize your hair. Straight cuts or tiny angled cuts will keep the volume. Make sure the length being cut (I'm assuming it will be wet) will be 2" longer than you want so it won't shrink up too short. Look for hair styles online with either a face shape like yours or hair texture (both is even better). Or show them a picture of YOU when you loved your hair. Good luck!
I would say layers. If you're not sure if you'll like them, get long layers, meaning there isn't a lot of difference between the length of each layer. You can always get slightly higher layers later if you end up liking them. Also, I don't recommend the vertical feathering cut some stylists do, where they cut up to thin it out. It makes my curls look thin and damaged. As far as what to tell your stylist, I'm afraid I don't have much advice... Good luck though! :)