How is life with a 3B hair type Pixie Cut?

I have been thinking of cutting my 3b type hair into a pixie cut for years. my hair grows but not very long. the ends usually get very dry and i have to cut them so I usually have to continue cutting my hair to shoulder length every few years. when my hair drys it shrinks to just below my ears I hate it. I just wanna do something new

2 Answers

I don't have a pixie cut (or short hair) but I think you should do it :) It would definitely make you hair look healthier and it would be easier to manage. Maybe you should go to a hair stylist and ask if a pixie cut would frame your face :) Good Luck x 
I cut mine a few days ago and love it.   Not like it... LOVE it. I cut off about 15 inches so it was a huge change but I am truly loving the freedom my new 3b pixie cut brought.  I think you would look amazing.  Go for it.