Anyone live in Miami, FL?

Living in Miami, I have noticed several things. Now this is just what I've noticed, not being prejudice or anything. A lot of the Hispanic women that live here, most of them have curly hair. However, it is seen as "undone" or "indecent" to have your hair naturally curly. I'm sure not every girl down here thinks that way, but from the looks of it, most of them do. So they actually take the time almost every morning to iron their hair and what not. I too was doing this. Now with that being said, most hair salons (that I have experienced) basically do the same thing. You want your hair "fixed" let blow it out and flat iron it. I want to know if any naturally curly girls know any salons that ARE REALLY EXPERIENCED with cutting curly hair. That will actually take care of my awesome curls, because I don't trust just anyone to cut my hair. So please, Miami FL peeps! Help me out!

1 Answer

I don't live in Miami, but I live in Miramar, Florida, and I have been to almost all of South Florida. I know that a lot of Miami salons want straight hair and don't know how to take care of curly hair. I heard about a deva cut salon I think in Boca Raton or Miami that cuts curly hair.