lookin' for a good hair stylist

hoe do you find a curly hair stylist where there seems to be none? I go to school in Billings Montana and would like to find someone who is comfortable cutting curly, poofy hair.i d have a lot of money so I don't really want to spend what little I have going to multiple salons hoping to find the right one.

1 Answer

You can check here: SalonsI usually don't go to a stylist unless some one close to me with great hair recommends them and in all honesty finding the right stylist no matter how much money to have isn't easy. Its trial and error. So, for me I usually style and cut my own hair. I have been lucky however to have a bunch of natural friends who get their hair done in my city, so I know their stylist too. My advice: Get recs from friends that live in your area with curly hair. Then visit the salon to see the stylist and ask for photos they have from other clients with hair like yours. Lastly, learn to style your own hair.