Multiple texture hair - what cut?

I have straight hair that only waves at the end around my hairline (1 inch all round) and on the top. Everywhere else is a 2b ringlet or wave. Its currently just at my shoulder with a grown out fringe. My classic cuts are either a bob with the straight hair covering the curls or a scrunched bob with a slight undercut, curling the straight bits. It is really thick but has no volume on the crown. When I wash it, it stays wet for HOURS and I am too lazy to straighten. Also thinking the weird colour has to go...Any ideas? Thanks in advance :-)

1 Answer

Your hair seems to be mostly 2a with a little bit of 2b at the back actually. You'd look lovely with a chin length bob that is SLIGHTLY shorter at the back (it is not noticeable but it is flattering to this hair type). Also, get some loose face framing pieces around your face. They look cute when you tie your hair up. Let your hair air dry by tying it in a loose ponytail and after it dries, spray it with some salt water. That will make your hair look super cute and beachy.