How often do you need to cut/trim your hair when it's natural? I'm coily 4a

2 Answers

It really depends on how your hair is behaving. If your ends are looking scraggly, stringy, or fuzzy, get a trim. If not, there's really no need. I haven't gotten a trim since October 2012, and I only just started noticing my hair misbehaving. I use no heat, no sulfates, no silicones, no hair dye, etc.However, I am terrible at deep conditioning, so a person who stays on top of that may not need a trim for longer. Don't listen to anyone who says you need a trim every couple of weeks or months. There's no one time frame for every person. The better you take care of your hair, the longer you can wait.
I have 4a hair and for me some signs for a trim is when I moisturize my hair and it's just leaking out through the minimal split ends. When I twist or braid my hair and the ends snag around each other instead of laying flat like fresh ends are supposed to; or My deep conditioner and products don't work effectively.