Newbie wondering my type of curl and suitable hair cut!?

Hi! Its my first day here and im hooked with all the info and articles about curly hair, its awesome. im still not quite sure of my hair type for me it seems like something betwen 2b and 3b and i was hoping to find some help to descifre it. Also i wonder what could be a nice cut for my type of hair, recently i shorter it in sort of a V but im not sure what the best lenght and shape would be for my curl patern, also ive seen a lot of pics of girls with a shorter small layer like sort of a bang, is it good to Style a naturally curly every day look?Im so excited with naturallycurly! Thanks!!

1 Answer

I think you are right on the money with the mix of 2b 3A curls. I love the "deva cut" if you have a stylist you know I would check to see if they know how to cut curly hair.