Ouidad or Devachan cut better if sometimes want to wear hair straight? 2c hair

I started wearing my 2c hair curly about a year ago, thanks to the great tips from this site.  Is a ouidad or devachan haircut better for someone who still likes to get it blown straight on occasion?  I always wear my hair half up because it doesn't fall nicely, so it's time for a curly cut.  However, I've been afraid that if I get a curly cut, the layers will make it look odd when it's straight.  Thanks for your help!

3 Answers

Hi!  I'm a 3a/3b (I think?) and I got a Deva Cut a few months ago.  It still looks fine when I straighten it.  Make sure you go to an actual Deva stylist and not a Deva inspired stylist.  Let me know if you have any questions :)
Thanks Rockinabs! I'm leaning towards a Deva Cut.  I'm in Chicago and was able to find some Deva stylists, who are also Deva trainers. 
I actually know a girl who used to work there, she's independent now and sooo much less expensive.Her name is Luciana. Her contact is [email protected] worked for Deva for a very long time and really REALLY knows her stuff. I have same hair and I really love what she does and has done for me. You should definitely try her, Its so worth it.