Will a pixie cut work?

I have curly type 3a hair. I've been cutting my hair shorter into blunt cuts for a few years now. Now my hair is a little past my shoulders with layers. Layers helped me with my poofy hair. My hair, whenever cut short, will poof out and the width will be almost greater than the length. My curls disperse creating poofiness and triangle hair /\. I want a pixie cut, but I do not want this to happen, I don't want an Afro around my head. I want my pixie cut to also be long enough to straighten. I need some advice on 1) what kind of pixie cut will work for what I want 2) how to prevent this poofiness. I love the cuts in the attached images. But will it work with what my hair does? Is it long enough to straighten with a 1" flat iron? Which will work best?Thank you!

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