Pixie/boy style cut? Maybe? Possibly?

My hair doesn't know what kind of curly it wants to be. I have "3a" curls predominately, but my roots are also curly. Generally they are bigger fuller curls, but the hair at my temples is a kinky 3b curl and the hair at my nape is wavy/straight. It's also quite thin.  I love short, classy haitlrstyles like Madam Hepburn, but I just don't know how it will work. I'm tall (5'10 yikes) and very thin. I love my neck, shoulders and colorbone so I feel like I could manage with short hair, but I don't know if my hair will handle the change as well as I would. I recently cut it to about my chin and I got the itch to keep chopping. I would love some advice because no woman in my family/friends circle has hair like mine. Thanks much my curly brethren. :) 

1 Answer

I'm tall too! We are the same height! I'm thicker than you though and my hair (in its shrunken state) is about 2 inches long (or high in my case- rocking everything in the 4 category here!) But I would play around a little first. Maybe have the back of your hair tapered so that you end up with a chin length bob style. See how the back of your hair reacts first and then go from there. A good stylist should know how to cut hair so that it perfectly shapes your face. Just be sure to get a cut that will compliment your face. I think something shorter would be really pretty on you so go for it!