How have you found a place to get your hair cut that you can trust?

I have never had a hairstylist I've been satisfied with. Most of my life I didn't even know dry-cuts existed because everyone I had gone to to cut my hair was inexperienced with curly hair. I have a complicated set of locks that ranges from 3A-3C types on different areas of my head. I want my next hair cut to be with someone who can manage it all. How have yall found good hair stylists in your area that you trust to come near you with a pair of shears?

1 Answer

I hear you! There have been maybe 1-2 stylists in my whole life that I've been happy with and would trust with my hair. My husband is in the military so I start all over again every few years with finding a new stylist. It's not easy. The way I found the best ones were through recommendations from people who looked like they had hair like mine. I'd compliment their hair and ask where they got theirs cut. However, I don't always encounter people that have hair like mine by the time I need a trim, so I try looking on the salon directory they have on this website, and looking for salons that have stylists who are "DevaCut" certified. I actually haven't got an official DevaCut yet, but my thinking is if they have those stylists there, they will be okay. They may be likely to butcher my hair, or be disrespectful when I ask them not to shampoo my hair, or at least use a shampoo with no sulphates. So far, this strategy has worked okay for me. Good luck!