How to prep for a haircut?

I'm getting my hair cut (by a non-curl-specialist - eep) and I was just wondering how I should go in to make things easier for the hairdresser. Right now it's been a day or two since I last washed my hair, so it's a little frizzy. Should I shower now, so that by the time i get it cut it's damp? Should I shower right before so that my hair is wet? Should I not shower at all and let the dresser either cut it dry or decide for herself? Thanks!

2 Answers

Eeep, I know it can be hard to find people who have a lot of real curly cut training though. To make it easier, you should shower and completely style your hair how you would normally wear it so she can see your curl pattern. You want your hair to be **completely dry the whole time** they are cutting so they can see how your hair is naturally shaped and textured. You have to really be your own advocate with people who don't know the curly way. Don't let them comb or brush it out or they will break your curl formation and the cut will basically be like taking a shot in the dark. They need to shape your hair dry as if your hair was a topiary. Don't let them use those thinning scissors, razor anything, or give you layers, its a nightmare, you will get triangle hair! They should cut each curl individually to get the split ends off or to get the length shorter, not a whole handful to the same length and they should cut it an an angle so that the hair angles back away from your face... Hard to explain with words, but you want the shorter bit of the curl end to be closest to your face and the bottom of the curl will look like '/' not '-'.Sorry to get long winded, hope that helps! 
Hi CurlyGirlie96, I completely agree with JCanery. If someone doesn't know how to cut curly hair you should be your own advocate. Dry cut if better for tighter patterns, that way they can see how your hair behaves and grows. I recommend coming to the salon with it dry and styled the way you normally style it. That way they can get a sense of what your hair is like. If your hair is very tight and you get it cut wet, you could be seeing some serious shrinkage when it curls again. Good luck!