Any recommendations on severe hair loss in center of scalp??? I don't want to B.C. Again

1 Answer

First off, I would recommend making sure you don't have underlying medical conditions ( with you Doctor)  that might be causing your hair loss: thyroid problems, Low iron  anemia, seborrheric dandruff, stress, diet, or plenty of water....Then go from there. Making sure you eating a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Also, as a precaution try to avoid high tension ( tight ) hair dos. Like tight Ponytail, really tight braids, wearing hats a lot... Then I would try a sulfate free shampoo, (like Shea moisture Yucca or OGX Thick and Full Biotin) along with good conditioner. Once a week  oil you scalp and massage with Natural 7 oil from sally's or wonder miracle ginseng oil from Walmart.let it sit 30 min then wash out. Lastly , you might want to try parting your hair differently. Good luck!