What's more important, curly cut or styling products?

I'm new to embracing my natural curls. I think I have type 2B curls/waves.. I've read the curly girl book and am starting to do some of the techniques.. I've got a limited budget and curly cuts in my area are about $80.. Should I go for a curly cut? Or use that money to buy a diffuser/other curly products? I can't do both.. 

2 Answers

Hi HappyLark7, I'm so glad you asked this question before spending 80 dollars. That's a lot of money. This is really my opinion here, but I think haircuts matter less to us wavy haired gals. There are certain haircuts that look better for wavy hair (like long layers) but a haircut (to me) is less important than proper tools and products. I would spend your money buying a good hair dryer with a diffuser. Be sure to look for a hair dryer that has a cool option. It's much healthier for waves, and it adds shine at the end of a blowout. Also look for good products. Devacurl products are all amazing, pricey, but with the money you're saving on a cut you can put it towards them. My two other favorite brands: U R Curly and Say Yes to. Those are more affordable and CG friendly. Have fun trying products!
idk how much shipping is too America, or even if you live in America, but in the uk we have a drugstore brand that sells curl creme and gel that works amazingly and is cheap I'd say $3 for the creme and $ for the gel, there from boots, boots curl creme and boots extra firm hold gel, they work on my 2c-3b hair(not too sure what I am) but the gel might be slightly too heavy for your looser wave