What's the salon etiquette if I'm not thrilled with my curly cut a few hours later?

I went in to a Ouidad stylist today and requested a long-ish pixie. Long story short, I left with more of a bob that hits around the ears after listening to and falling for the whole face-shape spiel (oval-ish but chubby). On the one hand, I want to trust this stylist's judgment. On the other, the more I look in the mirror, the more disappointed I am that my hair is still so much longer than I wanted - I'm tired of it flopping around! What's the etiquette on calling back tomorrow? It's not a bad cut at all, just not the one I wanted. I'm especially panicky bc I'm visiting town from a pretty rural area - if I don't get it fixed now I may be stuck for awhile.

1 Answer

I completely understand the anxiety that can come with communicating to a salon that you are not completely satisfied with the end product. It is important to remember that as much as we (stylists) give recommendations on what we think is best, you must be happy with the overall result because you have to wear it. I recommend that when you call the salon you express that you initially wanted a shorter cut but the stylist suggested something different. You went with the recommendation of the stylist, but now that you have spent time with the cut you would like to have it cut to the shape you originally requested. As a salon owner it is always my goal to make sure my clients are satisfied, especially when the request is within reason. My hope is that they will adjust the style to your desire because they value you as a client.