scared to get a haircut :(? ????

Ive recently discovered tapered TWA's and would like to get one. I've been natural for a while now, (it'll be 1year on my 18th bday) but I'm afraid if I only cut a section of my hair it'll take too long to grow back with the rest. My hair is currently neck length and grows at a medium rate. Should I get this haircut? And how can I be more comfortable with my hair while its at an uneven legnth ?

1 Answer

Okay, Darling, this is a common problem! I am always always nervous when I get a haircut. Some of the best way to assure yourself is to A) not set yourself up for the greatest thing you've ever seen. I know it sound crazy and weird, but if you aren't pleased (which I'm sure you will be!) you won't be as disappointed. B) Be very specific with your hairdresser. Don't be afraid they are paid to make you feel and look beautiful! If you don't like anything they're doing, just ask! YOU ARE PAYING FOR THEIR SERVICES! WOULD YOU WANT TO PAY FOR A TERRIBLE MEAL? But make sure you are polite! Sweetheart, (sorry I'm from the South I can't help it) no matter what will happen there are plenty of tips online, and some great hairstyles that you could do with any hair.I'm sure you'll look great and loveeeeee your hair!Hope this helps,H A L E Y    C.