Shaping the TWA

So, I was wondering what were some of your opinions on cutting and shaping the TWA. Since I've big chopped by myself, I've noticed that my hair is growing in a shape that's not flattering to my face. After looking on YouTube I've noticed that a lot of women with TWA's tend to go for the tapered cut. My questions are: is the tapered cut the ideal cut for women who are looking to style their hair? Does the tapered cut effect the way the hair grows? Are there any alternatives to the tapered cut? And (this is a long shot) can you recommend any natural hair stylists that are in the Miami or even Boca Raton area that may know how to style a TWA

1 Answer

a tapered cut is popular but is not necessarily the ideal for growing out a twa. A tapered cut is more about having a style to switch up your look. A tapered cut has no affect on the way your hair grows since hair grows from the inside out. From watching my friends with tapered cuts grow their hair out I noticed that their Fro usually grows in that way as well. The grow rate is still the same. For the salon, you can check here. Also another way to find out about salons, my personal favorite option, is Instagram