Should curly hair be cut in layers or no?

10 Answers

Almost always yes.  Otherwise you get  triangle head....not pretty. 
make sure you go to a hair salon for curly hair
No. You can grow your hair into long waist length curls without the traingle effect if you have thin hair. If your hair is thick like mine, then I would say yes to layers if you would like it to look nice while wearing it down. I'm not a fan of the diva cut. Afros aren't for everyone. see pic
instead, opt for a stacked curly bob / lob. see a stylist that specializes in your hair type. SO worth the is a list of curly salons in your area:
For my 3a/3b hair, layers are a must! However, I would recommend not letting your stylist thin your hair out.
I would recommend yes, I just cut my hair in layers about 2 days ago. it's deffinitely gets rid of the triangle look and you get more dimension. just be very aware of how much your hair will shrink after cutting it
it all depends on your hair type and texture. some curly hair needs to be layered to avoid the triangle look on your head but be careful because if layers are not done right you can end up with a mushroom on your head like this girl: or this one: you should really do your homework before you let someone cut your hair. make sure you research the stylist you trust and bring lots of pictures that you like and some you don't like. let them guide you with the proper shape that is best for you. you can see ideas of shapes that inspire you at
it definitely was the way to go for me since I have multiple textures & very thick hair. A great stylist should be able to go over options for the best cut for your hair!
Yes! Layers will bring more curl definition and will prevent triangle head. Good luck!
My layers must be long, almost to a bob.  A hair stylist once tried to straighten my hair.  She tried to straighten it for an hour and she said she would never try again.  Within an hour it was curling again.  I can't get my hair cut right.  If its cut right I need no products.  I live with low humidity in Northern Michigan.  I am desperate for how to coach a stylist. I am almost ready to chop it all off. Help me please!