Should I cut layers into my flat, fine hair?

Hair type:2c/3aVery fine, low porosity, medium densityLong, just past boobsMy curls are lovely past my shoulders, but above my shoulder my hair is flat and weighed down.Should I get long layers cut it? Or is there another alternative?

2 Answers

The long your hair gets the more the curls will stretch out at the top due to the weight they are carrying below.No-one can tell you whether to get layers in your hair as it is you who has to live with it. Personally I think your hair looks great as it is.
I have to agree...your hair is gorgeous. I've done the layered route from hair to my middle back and for me the layers always took more work - either they weren't behaving uniformly or I dealt with split ends which led to more cutting. Ugh. I ended up swearing to only a few layers closer to the bottom of the hair. For ME it felt like I had more control if the hair was closer to the same length. But it's your hair. (And from recent personal experience, my hair was almost to my waist, went in for a LONG cut to be a few inches past shoulder. The stylist was supposedly curly trained and I ended up with an inverted wedge, to the base of my neck. I've cried for 3 months and will take 5 years to grow out. Relish your long hair, it really is fantastic!)