Should I cut my hair?

So for the past two-ish years I've been keeping my hair straight and I've just recently started keeping it curly. As a result the bottom 3 1/2-4 inches of my hair is this weird kind of "beachy wave" texture and the rest of it to my roots are tight,springy 3b curls. My hair only goes down to a few inches above my bra strap. So I'm wondering, should I just cut the ends off or leave them be? They don't look damaged or dry or anything, just not the same texture as the top.

2 Answers

leave them be try and use deep conditioners with protein thats what i do to help my damaged ends
I would try adding conditioner and wrapping a towel as they do in salons for 10-15 mins  before rinsing off and don't use oils or silicones that just coat hair. Try something like Scientific Essentials which is for hair strengthening and should make it stronger -