Should I Cut My Hair And Start All Over Again?

Last week, I cut about 3 inches off my hair because it had single strand knots all over and multiple strand knots too. I checked my hair two days later and new knots had formed. I deep condition and detangle my hair, but they still come back. It's driving me insane honestly.Do you think I should just big chop and start all over again? S.O.S. Please someone help me.

2 Answers

Keep your hair detangled by adding tons of moisture, and keeping your curls stretched. Wash and gos are the main culprit of single strand knots. You don't need to start over, just change your methods a bit.
 Try As I am Coconut Co-wash Cleansing conditioner. This a good product for tangles and knots. Part your hair in four sections wet it with water then apply the cream all over.   I usually put my hair in four balls pinned up and a plastic cap on. Wait for 45 minutes are longer before you wash it out. I have slept with the conditioner in my hair over night. You can buy this product from Sally's beauty supply or Target or Walmart. Many blessings on your natural hair care journey don't give up. Peace be still!!!