Should I just cut my hair and start all over?

my hair is extremely brittle and weak. And the edges if my hair are real thin. My breakage seems almost like hair loss, it's so much. Is there any hope in restoring it, or should I just chop it off again?

2 Answers

Has this happened before? You probably ought to think about how you work with your hair and make some changes so that the problem doesn't reoccur. 
Try ApHogee hair treatment it is a protein treatment it will stop the breakage immediately but you have to read the directions and do exactly what they say. You will also need the ApHogee balancing moisturizer to use on your hair after you wash out the treatment. You have to put moister back into your hair after you rinse out the treatment. I usually put the treatment on my hair and pin it up and sit under a dryer for 30-45 minutes. You can add a plastic cap if it starts leaking out of your hair. I'm gonna warn you it smells and its sticky and it will turn hard on your hair. This is natural so don't be alarmed by it. You can buy this from Sally's beauty supply or any beauty supply store. It is a little pricey but it works. Many blessings to you sister on your natural hair care journey don't give up. Peace be still!!!