Should I pixie cut my curly hair?

I REALLY want to cut my hair into a pixie style cut BUT i don't know if I would look good in one. I've gotten mostly positive feedback from my friends saying to do it! But I've read that pixies don't look good on people that are larger framed...if you get my drift. And i'm on the "more to love" side.  It's a bit discouraging really and my reasons have wavered a bit. I'm stuck in a rut and I need some advice for sure! My appointment to cut my hair is next friday and I just want to be sure! BTW, the picture below is my hair when it is curly!

3 Answers

Wow! You look like a fun girl! Pretty, too!Have you asked a stylist? Super short hair can be tricky on round faces. You could try taking off a few inches first and see if you like that change, before you go really short. 
It will definelty look nice, and it will be different from everyones long luscious hair, and not to mention the time your getting back since you wont have to deal with long hair, BUT just know that your hair might be less curly so if anything opt for a slightly longer cut, like  a side bob. I know a girl in my school that has about 3c hair and a angled bob and she looks 10x better than the girls with longer hair. Good luck tho :) 
no i dont think you should last time i was in a color rut i ombred it and stragtend it