Should I trust this hairstylist?

I just went to this salon in the Bronx that was recommended to me just to talk to the stylist and feel her out but I'm a little scared. I went in and asked her what she thinks about my hair and told her about the chemical damage I have from relaxers and keratin. I haven't done them in over a year and she said she can see the damage but I have so much hair then I would have to do a keratin in order to control it when I cut it short. I said I didn't want to do one but she said that this is a different type of keratin that just smooths the hair and not straighten it. All in all I said I'll think about it but how much would it be, she replied that because my hair is so thick it would be 300 with the cut and style. What do you guys think, should I trust her? Because of my extremely thick hair I haven't been able to find the right person, especially at home in florida. Please help me!!!

3 Answers

I wouldn't do the Keratin treatment. Those can end up damaging your hair no matter what she says. They can really dry your hair out. If she is insisting that there is no way to take care of your hair except to use a "chemical treatment" then I wouldn't trust her. If you don't want to do the keratin treatment, then don't. It's YOUR hair and you have deal with the consequences, not her. If you are thinking about doing the treatment, I would suggest asking her about the brand and ingredients and do more research for yourself about it before letting her put it on your head. Self-care -- if you can learn what works for you and manage on your own it would be the best, but I know, especially since your hair is really thick that could be very challenging and time consuming. But, YouTube can be a great teacher, especially if you find your hair twin on there :)Here's just one of many examples: really hope that helps! I wish you and your curls the best!! 
It should be up to you whether or not you put chemicals on your hair. If she says that is the only way and you don't want to do an expensive chemical treatment, then I would look for a new stylist. You could also ask her for photos of clients she has done the treatment on to see what the results look like, and if their curl pattern was similar to yours.
I wouldn't trust her. Sounds like she just doesn't know how to work with your hair as is. Like she's scared to. I'd find another stylist.