Shoulder length low porosity high density medium width hair is it safe for a tapered cut in tropics?

I have struggling with ideas comb my hair. I live in tropics and my job requires me wear a helmet (kinda cute). I don't know how to style hair anymore was wondering if safe to cut my hair in a tapered style. I've never cut it before and retaining length has never worked for me so I need professional help.

1 Answer

Hi Maya, I feel your pain. I live in Singapore which is a frizzy nightmare for curlies and wavies. My hair is 2c and shoulder length. In my experience layering or tapering in the tropics will lead to extra frizz, but I am also still trying to find a haircut that works. However, I've recently discovered that if I air dry my hair with an opposite parting, then flip it back to the original parting, not only do I have more volume at the roots, but I also have less frizz. You could try flipping your parting under your helmet and flipping it back when your helmet is off. The other thing I do is I do an overnight coconut oil prewash once a week, a conditioner with protein and I use a dry oil spray by Ouidad to smooth fly aways. I find that the oily consistency helps to both moisturize and weigh down my hair. If done right then it will look shiny rather than greasy. Good luck!