Shoulder-Length 2c Hairstyles?

My hair currently covers my chest, it hasn't been short for about 2 years and only in the past 6 months have I made the transformation for 2a-2c through elimnation of silicones and sulfates and washing less frequently.I want to see how my hair looks shorter, if my curls are less pulled out. I'll attach a pic of my hair and a hairstyle I like. But I"m not sure my hair is curly enough to do it!My one thing is that I don't want to look like my mom. We have very similar hair though hers is a darker brown and just above her shoulders.

2 Answers

Based on that picture your hair actually looks more like a 2b!Have you a bit shorter hair with layers? The color on the 2nd picture is really nice btw
Follow kayley melissa on youtube! She has great half updos hairstyles!