during styling my end seem to fall right off. I DC every weekend. my hair isn't dry. I mist. help!!!

I follow many hair blogs and I DC every weekend. I've recently put a priority treatment in my hair and I've gotten a trim les than six months ago. My hair is 4a and it's natural. I did recently applied a dye which turned my hair lighter than anticipated. My curly ends seem to be snapping right off. Can someone tell me what I need to do and what did I do wrong. Thanks

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well , the only things I can think of is :A) your hair has too much moisture B) the dye is breaking it off C) you might need another trim You say you Deep Condition every weekend , but that might be too much moisture for your hair. Too much moisture or too much protein can cause your  hair to snap off like that . You should try deep conditioning every 2 weeks , or once a month. It could be the type of deep conditioner you are using . Some deep conditioners can be used once a week ,but some deep conditioners are so intense that they are only to be used once a month. Lifting your hair color up  can be damaging , so it could be the dye . I don't really know how to comment on that oneLastly , if it's not the DC or the dye , you might need another trim . You did state that you got a trim less then six months ago . That's fine but maybe you needy get trims more frequently then that . Some people need trims more often that others.  Maybe who ever trimmed your hair didn't trim enough ? Idk I honestly think it's just the DC every weekend that's making your hair snap . I hope I could be of some help