Suggestions on haircut.Wavy/Curly.I want to keep it long.DevaCurl cut or just trim the bottom? Help!

I want to get my hair trimmed and a better style. I used to have long layers. My hair is fine, wavy and parts curly; not sure on specific curl type..maybe a combination of 2C and 3A?? My hair has always been cut wet, which may be the problem. I always diffuse my hair and use DevaCurl products. A stylist used thinning shears on the crown area in December 2016, and it was a disaster! Trying to let it grow out. Got hair trimmed into a U shape by a new stylist in April 2016, also trimmed the thinned layer a bit, ugh. Another trim September 2016. Looking for suggestions on how to fix this mess. Hair around the U cut sides and bottom is scraggly and thin, but I like the general shape. I want to keep it as long as possible. Yet I want nice curls, not these scragglies. Also wondering if I should just get the bottom layer and the bottom of my hair trimmed and leave the top alone.Wondering if I should try a Devacurl Cut or get a regular trim for now? Any photos of cut ideas?

2 Answers

I know how you feel, I'm not used to short hair, and I cut it back in September since then I had have 3 cuts to fix it, and now just letting it grow.But for long hair I recommend you to get it cut in a V shape and layered. Don't let them thin out your hair, there is a technique, I don't know the name of it, they take your curl and twisted and with the scissors they thin out. That has worked for me, every time they use thinning shear it's a disaster.Finding the right stylist is a task I recommend you to ask friends, have a meeting with the stylist first and explain what you want.I have 2 pics from when my hair was layered and V shaped. Unfortunately you can't see the back, but you can see the layers. How the top layers are shorter and the bottom one is long giving it the impression of being long. Also I have very dense hair and with that cut it looks thinner and the waves more defined.Hope it helps and you get the cut you want.
Honestly, I think your hair shape is good, but you might need to chop an inch or two off the length. It will make your hair curlier and have much more body. I know its not the answer you want to hear, but it will definitely make your hair look better. Good luck!