Super short curly hair, is that even possible?

I’m contemplating cutting off all my hair. Truth is I’m getting ready to join the military and will not have time to deal with it. Myhair is really curly though, and nearly everyone around me says I’ll hate itand it will be an unmanageable crazy mess. So I am stuck, should I try ashorter cut, one that lets me put it up; or super short?

2 Answers

My hair short would almost be a white girl fro. Since you're joining the military (good on you! Which nation?), if I were you, I'd probably cut it as short as I could while still being able to have a pony tail (which will probably look more like a rabbit tail, as it does in my case regardless of length). I have no experience in the military, but I've done week long camping trips(not that it compares) without running showers (just solar bag "showers"), and generally gets to be a matted frizzball since I can't comb/brush it without it being wet, so ponies are typically the way to go.
I'd go super short just to see. It will grow, and you'll be so busy with basic training your hair will be the last thing you're worrying about. :)