Can´t find a saloon or a stylist that works with curls

Apparently, where I live there are no curl-specialized saloons or stylists. I always end up having haircuts that don`t quite convince me. I don`t know what to do anymore, seriously...

2 Answers

Maybe you can take a picture with you of exactly what you are looking for and show them and hopefully they can transform your beautiful curly hair into a style that you desire. What exactly are you looking for ??  Up do's  or twisting ?  Personally , I style my own hair with stlying gel and leave in moisturiser. I enhance my curls and give it the shine it requires . Lots of compliment encourage my to do it all over again. All I do is wash it , twist it , un-twist , style .... and go ! Simple and easy . I hope this tip helps . Good luck . 
have you searched this site for a stylist near you. please post a new question with your city and i might know someone. there has to be someone within a couple hours from you. do your research and bring in pix of what you like for inspiration.