Any tips on what I should ask my stylist when going for a cut?

I used to relax my hair and when it was straight I would get trims and cuts. I no long relax my hair, it's been natural for about 7yrs now. In those seven years, where I live, I have not found someone that cuts my type of curls (I think I am a 3c - I attached pics below). I am going to NY next month to visit family and have been talking to a salon that has great reviews for curly hair but, most of the picture on their site have looser/wavy curls. I am totally scared just because I had such a bad hack job before. I just want some shape to it Any questions I should ask before making the appointment? I don't want to come off as rude or questioning their ability.

1 Answer

Ask them do they specialize in cutting/trimming curly hair without having to straighten it.