"triangle" cut :(

Hi i am 15 years old, I am mixed and have frizzy curly hairMy curls vary: as in the front part (that frames my face) is extremely curly, like really tight small curls that bounce up a lot when it drys making it look just like frizz and no curlthen the rest of my hair is more of a 3b type, tightish, bouncy curlsMy hair length, when wet, is between my shoulder and elbow, and i have no layers and when dry is up to my chin in the front but stays about the same in the back( just after shoulders) I want to know if layers would be good for me because in the back i have lots of curls you just cant see them because they pile on top of each other making a "triangle" cut.. :( also if anyone has similar hair, what products would work best on me?

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