has anyone ever tried cutting their hair when it is in a "unicorn type ponytail"? How did it look?

has anyone ever tried the "ponytail cut"? I'm definitely considering trying it!! It seems like it would give nice gradual layers and often times with curly hair, each piece doesn't have a place so you don't have to worry about the hair being out of place! Feedback? Has this worked for anyone?

2 Answers

I did this to my own hair about 3 months ago..I gently combed all my hair out and put it in a ponytail at the top of my head towards my forehead and pulled the hair tie all the way up the shaft of the pony tail. I then cut the hair on the other side of the hair tie ( hope that wasn't confusing!) It worked surprisingly well although I did do it a little at a time several times since I was afraid of cutting too much. It layered my hair nicely and got rid of the pyramid shape I had... google it and take your time and cut a LITTLE at a time ! Good luck!
cutter your hair like that will definitely increase layers and add volume to your hair it'll be full and healthy . Good luck !