How often should you trim your ends? Also what shears do you recommend to do this?

2 Answers

I believe any hair shears purchased from a Sally's or Beauty Supply Store will do just fine. Opt for really sharp scissors to ensure a clean even cut on your ends. I am a fan of trimming only when needed with twice a year being the bottom threshold. I believe its OK to dust or search'n'destroy every few weeks if you want, but there really isn't a need for trims if you are maintaining health practices and aren't manipulating your hair very often.
Hello Risos,My first piece of advice is to absolutely never ever trim ends yourself.  The most important thing you should do is find a stylist that know how to cut curls - there's a very specific point and angle to cut a curl so it lays properly and maintains the overall shape of your style.My second piece of advice is on how frequently you should have your ends trimmed.  It's not really about how much time in between and more about when your ends need the trim.  When ends start to fray, the longer you wait the worse they get.  For example, if you see ends becoming frazzled and you get them trimmed 4 weeks later, the split has had 4 weeks to get longer.  If you wait 8 weeks, they'll have the chance for the ends to split twice as far up the hairstrand which means you'll have to cut that much more hair off.  The best bet is to go in as soon as your ends start to look tired.  Better to have 1/8-inch trimmed off more frequently than going in less frequently and having to lose more than an inch.I really hope this helps!