trimmed my ends and messed up my hair

Ok so I took a shot at trimming my own ends. After when i washed my hair and applied product, I noticed that my hair wasnt the same shape it was when I first cut it. I had a round cut and now its different lengths. Its not extremely bad but I still see a difference. Should I correct this or wait for my hair to grow out a bit? I dont want to wait too long growing my hair because of my fear with split ends, I trim once a month or every two months. But any suggestions on what to do will help. Please help if you can!

3 Answers

definitely correct it !!  Growing it out cause you hair to grow unevenly. Go for the chop !!!
unless you are a trained hairdresser, do not attempt to cut your own hair. so many women watch YouTube videos and they think it's a simple task. Please don't try to be a DIY hairdresser and avoid mistakes that sometimes can't be corrected. you could wait for a bit but make sure you don't go longer than 3 months to avoid excess of split ends. if you can find someone you trust that can do a minimal trim to fix the shape, you might consider that.
I made the same mistake!  Didn't like my Deva cut and went home to chop it off myself.. my hair was constantly tangled (which caused it to break a lot) because, as my current hairstylist says, I disrupted my "curl families".  Get it corrected by a good hairstylist ASAP.  If you are in the NYC area look into Leslie Ellen, she's awesome. Good luck