trimmed my ends and ruined my haircut shape

Ok so I took a shot at trimming my own ends. After when i washed my hair and applied product, I noticed that my hair wasnt the same shape it was when I first cut it. I had a round cut and now its different lengths. Its not extremely bad but I still see a difference. Should I correct this or wait for my hair to grow out a bit? I dont want to wait to long growing my hair because of my fear with split ends, I trim once a month or every two months. But any suggestions on what to do will help. Please help if you can!

1 Answer

If you should fix it or wait would probably depend on if you wear your hair in its natural state or alter it (twist-outs, straightened, permrods, etc). I would leave it as is if you wear it in its natural state, if you wear different styles I would suggest you cut it evenly. Our hair shrinks up in its natural state so it would make it hard to tell exactly how it should be cut.