Is it true there is a certain technique a hair stylist should use when cutting naturally curly hair?

I don't like to question my hairdresser's expertise, but I worry that maybe I hate my naturally curls so much because my hair is not cut right. Is there a technique hairstylists should use to trim properly?

2 Answers

Yes. DevaChan Salon has mentioned that curly and wavy hair shrink up and when the hair is wet it elongates. So that is why they cut it dry so it won't shrink and look weird.
I don't think that there is one "right way" to cut curly hair. Just like not every curly can use the same products, not all styling and cutting techniques will work for all curlies. However, having a stylist cut my hair wet for the last 35 years has done nothing good for my curls. I went out of my way to find a stylist trained in the devachan dry technique, and I can tell you it made all of the difference in the world, and my curls no longer fall out or lay limp. If having your hair cut in the traditional way (wet, after a wash) just isn't working for you, then try having it cut dry.