What type of haircut do you ask for med length w/2c to 3a type hair? I keep getting horrible layers.

the hairstylist gave me 180 layers (??) and didnt bring up the length...now my hair looks disjointed and the layers are bulky and ugly. It does nothing for my curls. I dont know the magic words to say when they ask what I want done... I just want medium length with whatever layers necessary to avoid triangle head. Yet i always get these bulky terrible layers. It looks like my hair is short, then i turn around ive got all this long hair in the back.

2 Answers

Hmmm, haircuts can be so challenging! I've even had a bad Deva Cut! But, that said, I would bring in a picture of what you want! And even better if its an old picture of you so it's not a different hair type/texture/face shape. IF you have the opportunity to get a Deva Cut I would otherwise it's going to be very hard to not have those levels re-cut (this happened to me a few years ago). I think if you cut some length off the back and angle the very front pieces slightly it will help to blend it. (So if the front on your Left side looks somewhat straight across: _, cut it to look like this: / ). If your hair is fine, then you want to avoid slicing into the hair or sliding the scissors (w/ the point down) down the ends of your hair. You're a pretty girl with pretty hair and have enough length to work with (with a different stylist!!!). Best.
Thank you! I was just going thru old profile pictures , so i think i will take your advice on using my own picture. :)  my curls have turned to wavy curls since my last baby, i am going a better hair cut will encourage my ringlets to return.