What is the shortest haircut you can still put into a bun?

Hi, I am new here. I am not exactly sure what hair type I have but I think it might be a mix between 3b and 3c. I have arm pit length hair, and I have been relaxing it for a few years now. I am 17 years old.I want to cut my hair because I have very bad split ends. My hair strands are also splitting on the hair shaft. In some areas it goes up to my cheek, and some to my eyebrows. I only know about the front, not the back.I have been thinking for a while now of just cutting it short to try to get rid of the damage and try to start anew. I was thinking of getting a pixie cut. But my father doesn't want me to do that, and says I can only get it cut short enough that I can still put my hair into a bun. So I have been looking for hairstyles that I could get that would fit what I want and what he wants but I couldn't find anything and feel that I might just have to disobey him and cut it how I want.I know that the damage could have happened because of the relaxer and from straightening and such, but I only use heat when I get my relaxer done at the salon, which isn't often. My mom usually does it for me, and I just let it air dry. I also hadn't been taking good care of my hair till about 2-3 years ago. But I still have my moments when I neglect to moisturize my hair. I live in a hot humid country so my hair easily gets dry. I have thought about going natural but at the moment I don't want to and I just can't. Personal reasons.Please help me soon, as I would like to get something done to my hair as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

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