What stylist(s) do you recommend at the Devachan Salon in NYC?

I made an appointment with a junior stylist named Melanie at the Devachan Salon in Soho. I've never gotten my hair done here and I've never gotten the deva cut. I'm really excited and nervous at the same time haha. I've got around 3c and 4a hair and I've also got heat damage on the top section of my hair (it's like straight and weird). I would love to know what all of you have to say about the stylist(s), salon, and your experience at the Devachan Salon and the deva cut method. P.S. I would love some advice on how to get it shaped and if I should get it colored :)

1 Answer

Hey there.. I usually look over here at the salon finder section of NaturallyCurly to find reviews for stylists. For Devachan in NYC, here are the reviews of different stylists (Melanie's name isn't listed here) http://www.naturallycurly.com/salons/view/id/761/...Hope this helps!