Why does my natural hair need trimming so much?

I started my transition on April 2012 and big chopped on October 2013. I have 4a 4b very tight coily hair. I got a trim by my stylist in February. It's the end of March now when my stylist tried to blow dry my hair the ends would tangled and ball up at the ends. Then my stylist said I needed a trim. Why would I need another trim after only a month? I'm very gentle with my hair and I don't use heat. My stylist only used heat to blow dry my hair to get a trim in February so why would I need another trim so soon?

2 Answers

Why is your stylist blow drying your hair? IS she straightening it? If she needs to straighten it to cut it you should find another stylist. A good curl expert stylist can cut your hair curly. 
You probably do not need another trim. The nature of our hair is curly so the hair is resistant to straightening. High manipulation and color treatments can certainly contribute to increasing your trimming frequency but not every month. Natural hair does not require more trimming. Remember that trimming is an addition $5-$15 to your service so just keep that in mind. Also, if you are not going to a stylist that regularly styles natural hair in it's natural state (not pressing and flat ironing), I would suggest finding a new stylist.