2c frizz, porousity confusion, chop chop?

hello a new 2c. I actually think it looks more like 3a but it's frizzy and impossible to style so I must be 2c.First problem, frizz. It's so bad around my head I have a permanent halo of about an inch or more. It looks horrible and unkempt. I've tried lots of things and I read about lots of new products on here but none are available to purchase where I live in Australia. My hair is crazy thick, I can't wear it out because it just goes everywhere, all in my face and it's extremely hot. I'm REALLY confused about porousity because according to the slide test my hair is highly porous however, it literally takes THREE DAYS to be completely dry. I cannot blow dry it because it's a giant fluffy ball. I washed my hair yesterday morningredients, it's now 5pm and it's not dry. That isn't normal.I kind of just want to chop it off and get it chemically straightened because nothing works. Heeeeelp.

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