2nd day hair help!

I have type 2b hair and I wash my hair every other day. The days I don't wash my hair, I tie it back in a bun with a scrunchie. The only problem is that the humidity from my shower completely frizzes my hair and takes out all of my waves/curls. I wash my hair in the night, so the next day, it just ends up looking horrible. I have tries so many things to revvive my curls but they never work. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

2 Answers

The most important component of second day hair is the gel you are using (or other styling product). When you find the right gel, it will make such a huge difference. But try sleeping in a satin cap while pineappling your hair overnight. Then use a shower cap in the shower, leaving you hair loose inside, or tied very loosely.
I agree with Jessi.  A good product will help you get second-day hair. You really just have to experiment to find what works best. And hope it's not humid out, and etc!