my 3b hair is sooo poofy and frizzy

Hi there! I'm Gracie, I'm mixed (black and white), I have 3b hair, and I've been having some trouble. Well, I'm still getting used to my curlies and I recently cut my hair to just past my shoulders, and whenever I get out of my shower, my hair looks really good (selfie-worthy good lol) and once it's damp I put my Garnier Leave-In Fructis Triple Moisturizer, Noodle Head Curling Cream, and Cantu Leave-In Repairing Cream, but then like 30 minutes later, my hair goes POOF. I know that there are some poof fanatics out there, but the frizz and the poof just aren't for me. I don't know if my hair is thick and I should get layers or something, or if I just keep having to put my hair in a bun 24/7, but I have watched countless videos and articles but nothing works for me. So PLEASE if anybody has any input, go right ahead and tell me

1 Answer

Have you ever tried putting all your products in your hair when your hair is completely SOAKING wet?This works wonders for me. I just rinse water over my hair and hop out of the shower directly, then i use my products and the water is literally rinsing on my floor when i squeeze my hair:Dalso make sure to use cold water on ur hair :)and use TONS of haircream or moisture products on ur (again) soaking wet hair :D I#m sorry but for me it just did wonders and I hope it will work for u as well:)