3B mixed hair is out of control, frizzy!! dry!!

Hey y'all I have mixed hair its 3B and a small chunk of its really wavy close to straight in the way back of my hair. My hair always frizzes up and its dry its mostly frizzy then actual curls. I do the LOC method since I live in a cold area. But it still doesn't work. I use a diffuser when I get out the shower and the products I use are Shea Moisture. How can I stop the frizz???

3 Answers

Some oil that can prevent or tame frizz are macadamia and argon oil.
I love the SheaMoisture products but I found that the coconut and hibiscus styling milk and the curling gel soufflé both gave me some frizz for some reason. And with the diffusing I believe the curling gel soufflé specifically says something about not using it with heat (I just assume it means all heat, even low heat). Maybe that causes it to frizz more? I have much better success with the curling smoothie... have you tried that yet? 
Try DIY Deep Conditioners (to help with dryness) that contain honey (to help with frizz).